Wine Blending Workshop

The secret to great wine is blending – mixing two or more varietals to produce an entirely new wine that’s far richer and more complex than either wine on its own.


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The Vintages Story

From Vine to Table

Lino Di Felice, Master Vintner, founded Vintages in Ft. Collins, Colorado, in 1999, as a micro-batch custom winemaker. He personally oversees the crafting of every Vintages wine.


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Holiday Business Gift Solutions

These holiday business packages are designed with you in mind so you can stress less… and really ‘un-cork’ this year.
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What is Vintages?

Vintages is a custom winemaker in the Italian tradition. Instead of commercial mass production, we handcraft wine to your order, to fit your individual taste.

Dinner without wine? In Italy, it's unthinkable! Wine shared with friends and family is one of life's richest pleasures. In the Italian tradition, we believe that wine belongs on your table - always.

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Higher Quality

Vintages sources grapes from boutique vineyards on four continents, from small growers who respect tradition and honor the land. To order your wine, you attend a tasting and consult with an expert who helps you select and blend the grapes that will produce the wine you like best.

Oak or not? A blend of grapes or a single varietal? You decide. Then your wine is handcrafted for you personally by master vintner Lino Di Felice.

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Healthier Wine

Vintages makes fresh, natural wines designed to be enjoyed young. Each batch is made to order with a minimalist approach to winemaking and is naturally low in sulphites. Our wines are often referred to as "Headache Free" wine!

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Lower Cost

Because Vintages eliminates transportation costs and middleman mark-ups, each bottle costs 25%-75% less than equivalent wine at retail. You get better wine for half the cost!

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