We decided on a Saturday morning for the experience…

Neither of us had ever done anything like this before, I didn’t actually know that such a thing was even possible without very specific and connected acquaintances. I’m not personally a huge drinker to begin with and most alcohol, wine or otherwise, I simply do not enjoy.

While the lady of the house likes wine, I typically do not drink, therefore, blending a custom wine to perfectly fit our tastes isn’t a standard activity for us… but now that we have been to Vintages, it really should be.

The location is beautiful inside. It feels welcoming and comfortable…  as well as authentic. We were lucky enough to actually meet Lino when we arrived, before being led back through the bottling section to our tasting and blending area. It was a wonderful environment. Paul was great and we learned so much about wine. This was a critical part of the experience, as we then understood what we actually liked in the properties of each different wine. With this knowledge, choosing and blending a taste that is perfectly suited to what we look for in a wine was not difficult at all, and we finished the blending very excited with what we had created.

From there, we scheduled a time to return and bottle our case of wine, then hurried home to start coming up with names and label ideas. This was a fun a very personal part of the process. After a few different concepts and a handful of label designs we came up with something we liked and sent it over to them. It was very easy using the specs provided and Lisa was so great working with us on making sure they were done correctly and ready for us on bottling day.

When we returned to bottle the wine it was truly a joy. We had our own little area set up to hand bottle, cork, and label our new custom wine with a cheese set to compliment the taste of our blend. It was so much fun and really a very special experience for us, especially once we realized that we had made the best wine either of us had ever tasted.

We were amazed at how wonderful it turned out, and how enjoyable the whole thing was during each step.

I have personally not had any wine since we finished the case… It’s healthy, tastes amazing, and is truly affordable when you consider the cost of a good wine. The idea of any product personal to you and customized by you directly for your tastes adds immeasurable value. I just don’t see any reason to drink any other wine.

Your personalized blend can be used for entertaining, for gifts, or just because it’s your favorite wine for yourself. You probably won’t find a taste you prefer from something someone else designed. If you like wine, or if your significant other likes wine, or even if the two of you just like learning… we highly recommend that you go to Vintages and experience this. You absolutely will not regret any part of it!

-David & Sunsiray : Loveland Colorado : July 2016