(And it’s better than ever… but in short supply).

Niagara Ice Wines are among the finest in the world, but rare because of the delicate process involved in harvesting them.  Ice Wine grapes must be plucked off the vine within moments of the perfect environmental conditions being reached.  These grapes must become so cold that the vine from which they stem is driven to produce sugars in order to lower their “freezing point” – in an attempt to prevent their inevitable demise… Yet this is what makes them so delicious!

Ice Wine grapes must be harvested before they grapes are overtaken completely by the cold, but not before they become beautifully augmented by their own, natural sugars.  These vineyards must be harvested immediately and usually at night (when this temperature is reached), making machine harvesting impossible.  This laborious endeavor coupled with the rarity of perfect timing makes for an incredible delicacy.

Current Retail Market Prices for Niagara Ice Wine range from $50 – $100 for a single bottle!

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