Here is a little something special I’ve arranged for my “investors”,
including an offer from my cousin Mario in Italy…

At our investors’ meeting we talked about the plan for us to move forward here at Vintages.  I’m now regularly at Vintages’ store in order to manage both the production and retailing of our product — including the all-important customer service aspect of our business.

I’ll also be spending time in upcoming weeks overseeing the implementation of our new point-of-sale system and web design to grow our wine membership programs with new customers that come into the storefront each week.

I know you’re also very interested in seeing us move ahead with securing those all-important Franchise Disclosure documents


May I say once again, “Thank you for being part of all of this!”

We’re also excited about our new partnership with the Briziarelli Winery in Italy.  (As a matter of fact, you may want to visit Italy and personally tour it yourself, if you’re interested … more on this in a moment).

In order to avoid any debt for the funds required to obtain these final-phase legal and financial filings for setting up the Vintages’ franchises, I’ve decided to make you an offer you CAN’T refuse…

All the Wine a Vintages’ Investor Could Want for 36 Months…

dreamstime_7461229How does 25 CASES sound?  I’d like to make 25 cases of wine for you, from your own selection of our available premium wines.  These are the types of wines a typical wine buyer pays $30 a bottle for at a retail shop.  (That would cost a typical consumer $9000).  Heck, even our typical Vintages’ wine clients would pay $6000 for the identical number of bottles.

You, however, can get the same amount of fine, premium wines … 25 cases in total … for just $3000 (over 66% savings). That works out to just $10 per bottle!

Since I’ll be using much of the money from this special offer to pay for the upcoming filings, all I ask is that you allow me 36 months to deliver all this wine to you.  You’ll receive 9 cases over 12 months (with your first 2 cases starting this coming July 1st) and then 8 cases per year for the next 2 years.

Does this sound like MORE wine than you want personally?  No problem!  You can get the same amount at the same price if a friend or two wants to go in on this deal with you.

That way you can split the bottles/cost with someone else … if you want.

Okay … what else?

A Private Blender’s Workshop Just for You…

Come into the store and meet me (or Paul), once a quarter, if you like, so we can set up a private, personal wine tasting just for you (I’ll even have some small dishes arranged, if you wish, in order to pair with the different varieties presented during your tasting).

You can use our time together to choose the next types of wines you’re going to bottle during the next quarter.  And you can also get updates on how business is going and where things are throughout the franchising/expansion process.

Aging Your Wine … An added Benefit

Many of the wines you’ll receive — particularly the red varieties – age extremely well.  Your cases will be available to pick up once a quarter, at a rate of 2 cases per quarter.  And because you’ll be getting  2 cases every quarter you can begin enjoying much of your wine now, while it’s still fresh and young.  But you’ll also be able to let the rest of it age to perfect maturity.

It’s always fun to savor some fermented grape varieties when they’re young.  Most premium wines, however, climb to a whole new level after just a few months of storage.  And many others, including fine reds, reach their peak as long as 3 to 4 years after they’re bottled.

This is what you can look forward to in coming months.

By building your own wine cellar (at a terrific deal through this special offer) you’re also helping take Vintages (and your investment in its expansion) to the next level.

And now … Some REALLY BIG news …

How Would You Like to Stay as a Guest at a Rustic, Family-Run Hotel in Italy’s Wine Country?  And For a Pittance…

If you take part in this special 25 case wine offer then I want to briefly reveal another special opportunity for you.  I made mention of the fact we’re partnering with the respected Briziarelli winery family in Italy.

My cousin Mario — who you met at our recent investors’ meeting — is offering participants the ability to tour the Briziarelli Winery AND experience other unbelievable opportunities across Italy for a pittance.  In other word’s you’ll be able to travel, recline, dine and tour Italy’s wine country like nobility … for peasants’ fees.

No kidding!

If you’ve ever wanted to take a big family trip to Italy then this could be a huge budget getaway ticket.  There are a few requirements for us to make this happen … but don’t worry a bit.  You’re a part of our Vintages’ wine family!  We’ll work with you to find the perfect times and group arrangements to make it all happen for you – if you want to go on this Italian getaway.

Imagine lodging and sightseeing throughout Italy’s rolling country vineyards …
with Mario and a wonderful interpreter as your personal guides.


Check out this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

All inclusive of Lodging at a Family-Run Hotel

PLUS food (3 meals per day)
PLUS Fine-Wine Sampling
PLUS Translator
PLUS all Travel to Museums (entrance fees covered)

Just $120 Euros per day, per person!

… (Don’t worry; the Euro is almost par with the Dollar)

Mario Sciarra ( – designer, architect and artist and expert of the beauties of Italy) has organized this tour through one of the most historic and famous provinces in the nation: the Campania.


The Hotel Guardanapoli … in the heart of Italy’s wine country

Mario has hand-picked the hotel Guardanapoli ( for your stay. The owner of the hotel – Salvatore Pascarella – is a very good friend of Mario’s and has offered preferential rates for All Vintages Investors!

Located in the hills just opposite of Naples, with a breathtaking view of Mount Vesuvius, this hotel lies at the center of Campania and is an ideal location because it makes every area of the region easily accessible.  Salute!

This hotel offers you a warm welcome that is typical of southern Italy.  And it offers every comfort … with special activities to enliven the evenings of its guests, including: dinner with shows, live music and food tastings.

Family owned, this is the perfect place to totally “chill.” Loved by the locals (always a good sign for us) there is always an animated group there each evening.

Salvatore, the owner, cannot do too much for you.  The food is rustic but superb.  The rooms are spacious, clean and basically furnished, but the views from your balcony are stunning … open rolling countryside stretching away for more than 20 miles.

A Truly Unique Journey…

This will be a journey, unlike trips usually offered by travel companies having ready-made agendas.  The uniqueness of this trip is in the choice of the places that will be visited — not just regular tourist spots.