Wine Blending Workshop

The secret to great wine is blending – mixing two or more varietals to produce an entirely new wine that’s far richer and more complex than either wine on its own. It’s the magic “secret sauce” that makes a good wine great! Attend our Wine Blending Workshop and you can proudly serve your own one-of-a-kind private label blend at home.

Under the guidance of our Vintages expert Lino DiFelice, you’ll discover your unique taste profile and then customize wine “recipes” to suit your palate. You’ll learn how to tame the flavors you don’t like and intensify the ones you love. The result is a wine that’s uniquely your own. Your recipe will be stored in our archives for your exclusive use. Just call us when you run out and we’ll make more!

Wine Blending Workshop events are held Wednesdays through Saturdays.

Call 307 426 4635 or 970 213 5895 for reservations.


Wine Tasting Events

Wine tastings at Vintages are fun, entertaining experiences where the memories you make are as important as the wine you savor. We believe that wine is best when served with family and friends, so bring a group or come alone and make new friends… it’s up to you.

Experiencing wine with an expert guide can lead to new insights that may surprise you. Both experts and novices are welcome – there is something for everyone at a Vintages wine tasting!