1. Vintages and Channel 5

    CHEYENNE, Wyo. (WyomingNewsNow) - In recent years, Cheyenne has added a distillery or two and a few breweries as well, giving residents a place to buy locally made beer and spirits. Now Cheyenne is adding a winery to that list. Tucked away on the West Edge of town off North American Road, just North of the Cheyenne Animal Shelter, is a new experience for wine lovers.  “It’s a winery, but…Read More

  2. Make Your Own Wine

    Have you ever wanted to make your own wine?  It makes sense… you already know what you like and don’t like, so why not make your own custom blend?  At Vintages Handcrafted wines, we’ll help you do it at a fraction of the cost (and a lot less mess!) just give us a call!  970 213 5895 or 307 632 1109…Read More

  3. Wine Tasting Fort Collins

    Wine Tasting Cheyenne events are educational and fun! Lino will guide you through an array of wines, starting with a light crisp white, moving to richer whites and lighter reds, then to bigger, more intense reds and dessert wines. Wine tasting events at Vintages are a delicious way to discover your personal wine flavor profile, which means you’ll always know what you like and what you don’t! …Read More